If you happened to see this flyer – wherever it is ok, not true, we only put it up at D and E blocks- they’re my houses. Well, at least C102 is. C101 is Ain’s and Helwa’s house but we’re practically A house so yeah.


The thing is, because of MSU so-called house contract (which none of us have ever seen, nor signed. Amazing.), there are only 2 ways to move out:

1) Give a 3-month notice

2) Find somebody else to replace us


Since the first option is kindda hard to do (which landlord nak tunggu you for 3 months without any rent coming in I ask you), we’re opting for the second one. But that’s proven hard to do as well. Not to mention absurd sukahati lah orang nak pindah keluar. But that’s MSU for you.


And thus, the flyer.


Ever since we put it up (which was only 2 days ago) only one person has called. And that person wants only one house. But even that is indefinite.






Both houses are still available and are in perfect condition (as perfect as Dwellington Apartment could ever be bleh). Anyone or anything is welcome. Seriously. I don’t care if you happened to be an ape injected with human intelligence. If you could pay the rent, you’re welcome to take a look at the houses.


Wth why do I sound like an estate agent.


Oh. Kalau boleh before April 2010 too. Coz we’re planning to move out early April. We got the houses, we have enough money for the deposit. WE JUST DON’T HAVE ANYONE TO REPLACE US.


Thanks a lot Prof. S****.


I know I’ve mentioned in this blog somewhere how I detested moving. But.


I desperately need the space.


My room is too small for me. Not to mention it’s not bright enough because the window doesn’t face the sun. That’s a big NO for me.  As for my belongings:



*a closet is a woman’s secret*


My closet is like a pregnant lady about to go into labour. The shelves are packed to the extent I didn’t know where to put my anakali so it’s been lying on my desk for 3 days od šŸ˜





20 pairs of shoes + 1 ipanema flip flop tertinggal kat A’in’s house. I need a whole closet just to store them.



Mum’s gonna bising because I have more than 10 pairs of heels back at home as well. 


I dunno where those shoes come from. They just popped outta nowhere. Ehem.


I don’t intend to stop buying. I’ve my eyes set on 2 pairs of loafers already. Now is the loafers-season-buying. I can’t possibly ignore the maternal (shoes are like my children) instinct in me. That’s wrong. I don’t care if I only have two feet.


Shoes, people, are long-term investments. So don’t throw the opportunities away; invest while you can!


Now talking like a broker. Wth.




Anyone interested in the houses, please please please call the number above (doesn’t mind promoting the number coz it’s not mine šŸ˜› ) !


I’ll throw this in for free:






Then again, my housemates will cook me alive if I did that. Maybe next time šŸ˜›