I’m supposed to be studying. Well. I was studying.


Then I decided it was too hot and I couldn’t concentrate  =__=”


I realised, coming into the exam season, I would show a few pre-exams habits.


I start to feel 6 hours of sleep is not enough.

I feel like going out most of the days.

Tiba-tiba banyak movie I have to watch.


Hueh. Those are typical of me.



The other day, I was reading this one blog. Reading the entry, it hit me that I was one of the tidak-berwawasan kind of people. That made me felt like a loser T__T




When I was in high school, I categorised dream and ambition as two different things. My ambition now is to be a beneficial doctor. It’s more to let’s-face-reality-you-have-to-earn-money kindda thing.


Dreams are more personal. Dreams are about achieving what I really want in life.


Come to think of it, I had no dreams during that time either 😦 

4 years later, I still have no dream.

Very sad lah like this.


Though I prefer living my life as it goes, I would like to think there’s a definite full stop somewhere. Like, I don’t have to plan how to get there, but the there is there waiting for me. And so I would know, as I ride on the roller-coaster, as to where I’m heading.


I have no there. I only have here  :xbummed: