Since when has it become a habit for me to blog once a week??? A week has 7 days. That’s one day outta seven!


Since I’m always feeling so tired lah! Classes punya pasal. Somehow.


And because it’s summer!!

PANASSSSSSSSSSSSSS *rolling on the floor, legs kicking in the air*


I don’t like  T___T


Dah la there’s always blackout now. If it’s only now and then, I would be able to tahan. It’s every single day ok! Like the other night. Blackout from 1.30 AM to 7 AM. 5 AND A HALF HOURS. Very pissed off. Pfftt.


I have a sneaky suspicion the India-like-TNB (dunno what it’s called pardon me) has our exam schedule. I could just imagine them consulting it:


“Oh these people have exams tomorrow. ELECTRICITY OFF!”  then they pull the lever thing down.



Really!!! There’re always frequent blackouts nearing exams!! Last year also like that! Humph.


The thing is, there’s no outlet to channel all my anger. Blackout happens frequently here. Menyumpah lah macam mana pun, still no electricity. Pasrah T___T


I know you guys (at least, my mum is) are dying for me to stop complaining and throw this at my face:


“You think so hot is it? Malaysia is more humid!”



Do I look like I care?? It’s not like my life is evolving in Malaysia!


So hot that even when I went to Yeshwantpur also I brought umbrella. Haih.


That day when I woke up, I was shocked to find my comforter still neatly folded at the end of my bed. I NEVER SLEPT WITHOUT COVERING MYSELF UP WITH THE COMFORTER. Panas lah macam mana pun.


You see, there’s a reason. My older brother told me once upon a time when I was still a child (monologue: now oso still acting like a child what >>> SHUT UP!) that if I slept without using the comforter/blanket/whatever lah, A GREEN THING WOULD SIT ON MY BIG TOE.


Doesn’t make sense lah, I know. Maybe he was trying to say a toyol sucking the big toe or something but because he was so bad with words he couldn’t convey his point properly.


Since I was so stupid last time (my brother oso stupid one), I believed him. So I always slept with the comforter covering me tightly till I looked like ulat bulu. I always imagined that green thing as a glow-in-the-dark grasshopper perching on my big toe.




Like this grasshopper in The Grasshopper and The Ant. Just, you know, glow in the dark.



Oh, and because I watched this vampire movie which said that a vampire would bite its victim on the left side of the neck. Siot that movie. Made me slept with the comforter covering me until neck, covered my head and eyes with my pillow hug so that only my nose and mouth were free to breathe. Later mati tak tentu pasal.


I know it’s RIDICULOUS, but it became a habit. Dah jadi habit, no matter how ridiculous it is, susah nak get rid ok. And I was stupid remember? Was ok, WAS! Now I’m smart already. It’s all my brother’s fault I tell you.


Tonight I’m gonna sleep without using the comforter again and no glow-in-the-dark grasshopper would be sitting on my big toe. I feel so hebat now.