I used to be that person who did not believe in giving second chances. Once you’re screwed, you’re screwed. You can say your goodbyes.


I believed the more chances I gave, the more mistakes people were capable of committing. We shouldn’t go around repeating the same mistake, should we?


I was wrong.


In time I realised it’s not how many times they’re prone to commit the same mistake over and over again; it’s how many chances am I willing to give.

It’s not what people do that matters; it’s how willing I am to accept them for what they are.

People with problems, aren’t my problem. My problem is how I would react to those problems.


I can’t force people in any way. I can’t state my opinions and will people to adjust theirs so they would suit mine. You have your say, I have mine. 2 different ways of thinking result in 2 different views. There’s no reason they should emerge as one. Acceptance is all that’s needed.


Unfortunately, acceptance is what people lack.


I’ve witnessed it over and over again here. One wrong step, one miscalculated act and poom! the next thing you know, everyone’s turning their backs on you.

Everyone talks about everyone, that’s normal. But talking is all there should be. THE END. FULL STOP.

You can talk, you can say what’s on your mind because those are your rights. Heck, you even have the permission to judge. But you can’t run people’s lives for them. You can’t force people to accept your ideas of right and wrong.


People do commit mistakes. People do repeat those mistakes. Facts.


So when they do, it’s not a bomb suddenly dropped down outta nowhere. It happens. There’s no need to get emotional over something that’s not even your business in the first place.


We act as if we’re much better *buat aksi orang bernasyid* That we won’t even think of doing such things. But hey? You don’t know that for sure. There are no guarantees. They’re humans, we’re humans. No exceptions exist there.  And if you treat people so and so now, then that’s exactly what you’re gonna get back.


One sweet day, you’re gonna need those people’s helps. Yeah, them you used to sneer at. And if on that day, you’re still able to smile and act sweetly, please feel ashamed of yourself. Ever heard of karma?


Is it so hard to just stand and watch? Observe without being judgmental. All you have to do is when the time comes that they fall down, you’ll be there to help them get up.

If you feel restless not doing anything, nak jugak buat something, you have the choice to tell them straight to their faces. That might be a slap but no one says you can’t. Better than talking behind their backs and act all angelic in front, don’t you think so?


A cake made of garbage gunk, even if it’s coated with strawberry whipped cream still tastes like garbage. It belongs nowhere but in the bin.


I’m saying all these in general. It might be you, it might be me. But if you feel angry when you read this post, or menyampah or whatever negative feelings exist in this world, then you get my point.


Sekian terima kasih.