I hate it if I have to think of what to write just because I haven’t updated my blog for quite some time and am sick of looking at the same post every time.


Especially if the picture on top is of Budak Kecik Gemuk. Super not appetizing =_____=”


Well. I need to talk about something, at the very least.


Let’s talk about………………………..community medicine. HAHAHAHAHA.


No, I’m actually serious. Not kidding here, nope. This week’s classes were interesting. I can’t believe I would live long enough to type com med and interesting in the same sentence!


Because this week we went on field trips ^__^ Better than sitting in the lecture hall, listening to Puneed droning on and on and wondering when he’s gonna shut up so we could go back, right? Lotsssss better.


Bah. Gonna put up the pictures so you guys won’t have to listen to my craps and wonder when I’m ever gonna end this post —> If that’s the case then don’t bother to read my blog lah!!!


Now I won’t put any pictures so people would die outta boredom reading my words and this world would be less complicated. Hah. *tiba tiba emo*


Just kidding. I’m not that mean 😉 Here goes!


#1 M.S Ramaiah Hospital



See I drew a purple face some more, Pija 😛










HAHAHAHA SAH GAMBAR TIPU MY NOTEBOOK IS EMPTY (present tense people). And who actually discuss com med in this world we’re living in????




This hospital makes me appreciate Jain hospital more.




Me and Kak sha! Whoever dare say we’re twins/siblings/yang sewaktu dengannya, siap.




Oh must put a picture of what we’re actually learning. Hospital waste management.



#2 Milk Factory


Sorry no cameras were allowed inside the factory 😦 Was surprised the place was clean and modern. It was interesting! For the first 5 minutes before the smell of milk started to make us felt nauseated that is. Then things started to go downhill. We saw the making of butter, ghee, ice cream and duh, milk. Nama pun milk factory kan.








This was why I came.







Pergh Ikre posing tak boleh blah.




Dunno why I like this picture. Shuddup.




Alahhh, so cute gambar makan ice cream beramai-ramai.




Amek ko gambar Uniq posing.




The shop where we borong plastics of ice cream and milk.


Then ate and drank them in the bus and slept zZzZzZZ….



At least that’s what I did. Oh oh!! Tomorrow’s a holiday! Again, I dunno the reason. No 4 hours of lecture straight yes!!!


Oh yeah, why those were Tadika Trips?


“Please walk in 2 lines! Where’s your line? Go back.”

“Thank him! Say thank-you-sir.”

“Only 4 people are allowed to buy ice-creams at a time.”

“Say your cheers, come on. Hip hip hurray! Hip hip hurray! Hip hip hurray!”


Puh-lease. I’m 20  *roll eyes*