Shouting out one’s private affairs to the whole world seems to be the in thing now.


Yet I believe whatever happens between the 4 walls should remain so. Certain feelings should always be guarded from the peering eyes.

I’m old-fashioned, perhaps?


I respect those who dare to speak up.But I respect those who dare face the consequences of their actions more. Berani buat, berani tanggung.


Standing up for your beliefs is brave. Backing down, blending into the shadows when critised, is weak. Those balanced each other out. In the end, you achieve nothing. But you are sure to loss something. It’s a futile war.


I call that foolish.


Whatever happens begins with your decision and your willingness. When the table turned, you don’t have any choice but to blame yourself. Remember that, before you start pointing fingers to those around you. Self-assumptions could only go so far.   


There’s a clear line between what should be told, and what should not. You could only share that much with people. Some choose to cross it. Okay. But you crossed it and stand firm on your ground. You don’t go back. You go forward.


It’s a one-way road. At the very least, have the gut to face it.