Hari ini merupakan hari yang sangat mencabar.


Because . . . , it’s the day I made lunch on my own !


This time it’s: 




Ayam masak oyster sauce. Ok I am aware it’s probably one of the easiest dishes in the world. So what.




and cauliflower something-something >_< Looked so bland………………..



I invited Kak Sha over and she said sedap! Aida and Balqish and A’in pun kata sedap! *smiling from ear to ear*


I actually planned on making steamed cauliflower with cheese sauce. Another home’s staple dish. Coz my mum said it was easy…….


Where got easy!!!!! I totally followed the measurement but the sauce turned out, well, not how it was supposed to. How to eat liddat 😦 I spend hours *exaggerating as usual, roll eyes!* fixing it but it just wouldn’t taste right! Felt like crying lor. Dah la none of my housemates were in; couldn’t even beg for their help *sighs*




It looked like garbage gunk  T_T  CHEESE SAUCE FAILED.



Too much milk? Cheese perhaps? One thing is for sure; it’s totally inedible T_T

Last-last I buang dalam tong sampah. Gone one packet of cheddar cheese.


*sighs* it’s ok.


Scorched tongue. Sweats running down. And then. The last step. And this is the most important one people:






Fixed myself a bowl of oat for lunch. Couldn’t bring myself to eat my own cooking =__=”


Lagi sedap. Lagi senang. Humph.


Semi-solid food rock!!