Just got to watch New York I Love You. Yea yea, I know it’s been ages since it has been released, shut up. I gotta say I love these two the most:




“Lift your feet. You don’t lift your feet.”

“I’m lifting my feet!”

“No, you’re shuffling. The doctor said you should lift your feet!”

“I’m lifting I’m lifting!”


Very cuteeeeee. They’re like 2 old penguins walking on the street. It’s my habit to compare humans with animals, sorry. But they’re very cute!


Oh pediatric cycle is so boring I could die *tiba-tiba changed topic wth* And it’s only been a week. 2 more weeks to go  T_T  Yalah, we usually wait for 1-2 hours, then the doctor came, bla bla bla for half an hour and it’s a wrap. Seems like free camp is lacking of children. Haven’t met a single patient yet, haven’t done any history taking so far. Humph.


But it’s ok. I certainly am not banking to be a pediatrician. I don’t think I’m that bad with children *coughs* Am a pro being a hypocrite when the circumstances demand for it but I don’t think I have enough patience.


Patience is certainly a virtue. Too bad I don’t have much of it. Let’s wait and see what these next couple of years will do to me.


What else………..oh yeah. Still indecisive as to whether I should go home this coming holidays. Seems like practical exams have been delayed till the 19th of April. Hah. But they say there’ll be community medicine exam. When will that be?


Com med might just be the hardest subject I’ve ever encountered. Because it’s so boring =____=” And pointless =____=” Everytime the HOD or that old lecturer what’s his name? is teaching, I couldn’t help but wonder what they saw in com med. Having to learn it is unavoidable. To actually major in it is completely suicidal.


Oh well. Beauty is in the beholder’s eyes.


I shall end this post with this dumb thing I did today:


“Syafiq, kerusi you block jalan! I tak dapat jalan.” 

*I do use I-you with certain friends. As annoying as that is, it’s unavoidable so hush*

    “Bukan kerusi I block jalan you. You pijak tali kasut sendiri.”

    “Oh. Patut pun I tak dapat gerak.”


     Lamest of the century =____=”