During my foundation days, my mum used to call me every night.

When I was doing my first year of medicine, she called me once in 2 days. Ok lah, that’s not too bad.

Now she calls me only once in 3 days!! That’s 72 hours! ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN TO ME IN 72 HOURS!



I feel so unloved T_____T



NISA: How come you only call me once in 3 days?? For all you know, I might be dead by now. I might have been hit by a coconut tree. Or I could be electrocuted when I was ironing.


MUM: You live in Gokula, Mathikere. There’re no coconut trees there. In fact, I didn’t see any in Bangalore. 

NISA: I said I might. And there are coconut trees here. There’s one near Pratham. *in the middle of the road, no kidding*

MUM: Why didn’t you call me? Anything could happen to me too.


NISA: Coz if something happened to you, someone would bound to call me. If something happened to me, no one would call and tell you. And I’m too stingy with my phone credit nowadays. So you should call me.


MUM: Hah. MARA/MSU would call me if something happened to you.

NISA: That is if they knew it. I might be lying dead in a hospital somewhere and no one would know. This is India, nothing’s impossible. Jangan dah terhantuk baru nak terngadah (fuh sungguh hebat masukkan peribahasa melayu).

MUM: *changes topic*



That’s how our conversation usually goes. Hands down, I think I’m the most dramatic person I’ve ever met 😛 Suka-suka. With my mum, sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t T__T


With my dad, of course, TAK JALAN LANGSUNG MY TACTIC. Because:


DAD: How are you? How’s your study? Ok, don’t forget your solat. Good night.


And then, plop, I could hear him dozing off in the background =___=” That normally takes a total of 7 seconds. Yes, I timed it. Tak sempat pun nak berdrama.


Kesian my parents dapat anak macam I. Seriously. Increased cardiac output, increased heart rate, increased respiratory rate, semua increased. Haih.


MUM: Hah! Tahu pun! And yet I’m still so nice to you!