Yosh! I’ve been busy watching Code Blue =____=”




hani's art work

It’s Hani Gemok’s artwork!

She’s so clever!


Then I found out Kak Us helped her out…….Kak Us is so clever! =____=”

Main tipu!!! Just like I used to when I was in primary school. Wahahahaha. But not in art lah. Couldn’t be bothered to tipu2 cikgu in that. It was Math ok. Math. Kak Us used to check my homework after I did it. I sucked in Math. Am not surprise I ended where I am today *sighs*


I think…among my family, I miss Hani Gemok the most. Now I understand why my parents love me T__T But if I ever have a child, I still don’t want one like me. I want one like Hani! Dapat anak like me confirm gaduh hari-hari. Dapat anak like Hani very obedient.





Zoom in on her! Very poyo punya expression in her newly bought leopard safari hat! (padahal tak tour the safari pun coz we had to be on our way. Beli souvenir je lebih =__=)




In another favourite cap of hers. Dunno why she loves it so much. Dah la pink got monkey monkey some more.




Proper picture!




Invading my room at the cottage








Very cute rite!! Coz she’s fat fat like that. But I’m also fat so we’re both fat so it’s ok kan hani kan?  


Let us be fat together!