There’s always that random moment in your life.


Like, when you’re trying on a pair of new shoes while posing in front of the mirror and it just hit you;


“Life is great. MashaAllah.”


Slap! Just like that, without any reason. And when you look around, every small thing you never even noticed before seems to be there to perfect each flaw. And when you take the moment to sit and reflect, you realise everything is indeed beautiful.


There are many things to be thankful for, but to feel thankful is hard. So to feel it in that rare moment, the word alhamdulillah seems to vibrate in every cell of the body.


That rare feeling, is to be treasured.




I often wonder, how important is it to be remembered? I asked how instead of why, because the reason to be remembered need no explanation. But how far would a human go just to be remembered? Where is the need in that?


A king would create a vast empire, or sacrifice all he has just so his name would be written in the history forever. So he would be remembered as the great ruler who changed the world.


A businessman would work day and night to build a company from scratch to pass it on to his children one day. All in the hope of leaving a mark on earth even when his footsteps could not.


Shah Jahan build Taj Mahal for Mumtaz Jahan as a symbol of his love for her. That building, even to this day, stands as strong as the love that never dies.


You engraved your name on the rock as proof you were there once. Time could not change it, as it does to you.


In the end, we humans try to defeat death in our own way.



How important is it to be remembered?

Would you say, if you die without knowing you would be remembered, you die living a futile life?

Would you say, if no one remembers you, you had never been alive?

Do you need to prove your existence to people?


Taj Mahal, no matter what it signifies, remains a building. Just a building build out of white marbles. You say that is love? So if it were to be demolished, would the love between the husband and wife be gone as well? Would you say, one needs to prove love for love to exist?


If. If, Taj Mahal was a ramshackle cottage. If it was not build by a king. If the architecture did not defeat the century. If all it had was a love story. And that tale remains buried, would you say it never happened?


If love is to exist by proof, then it is not to exist at all. That’s absurd, no?

If life is to be proven by people, is that not absurd as well?


If I were a nameless person. If I were just another face among billions of other faces. If I bear no significance to anyone. And if I were to be dead, I have lived. And I am the proof of my own existence.