So lazy to update my blog.


BUT, I came across a video from syaTHEfiqah (arigatou!) and the next thing I knew, I was on You Tube clicking on every video from Ummah Films ^__^

I like his way of discussing religious issues with a sense of humour. Funny, but the messages are conveyed perfectly.





And another one, on a more serious note:




Alhamdulillah, Allah showed me Islam before He showed me the Muslims. If you really wanna see what Islam is about, look into what it teaches instead of basing your opinions on the actions of those who are misguided and only claimed the religion.”




A message for myself before others. Let us all eat chillies and taste the hotness together (yeah sukahati mengenglishkan bm).





P.S: Today’s my Dad’s birthday everyone wish him happy birthday now! AND I DIDN’T FORGET WAHHH I’M SO GREAT. Happy Birthday Dad!! Nanti weekend I karang a long post just for you coznowihavetostudyformedicineandsurgerytestthisfridaywhatamistilldoinghere?? Love you loads >_<