KAN I DAH CAKAP JANGAN AWALKAN EXAMS. And that’s exactly what MSU did!   T_____________________T


Ok lah, basically they didn’t bring the date forward. They decided to go with the original date. Then what for sibuk2 told us they’re gonna postpone the exams if they didn’t intend to do so in the first place??  Gave me false hopes T____T


But that means we have 2 solid weeks of holidays. Practical exams are gonna be held after the holidays. Pandai MSU. Baru ingat nak extend cuti  =____=”


So. To go or not to go back home?


Too lazy too make a decision now. Later lah. 






I COOKED!!!! I’m a genius! I knew it all this while! Hmmph!




It’s *ayam masak kicap ^__^

*chicken in soy sauce



I did everything myself *smug look* From preparing the chicken, chopping the scallops and rakan-rakan scallops, basically EVERYTHING. With Aida as my sifu of course.


Well, I needed someone to teach me right? Takkan masak-masak terus pandai. Even Albert Einstein couldn’t do that (coz he’s a genius as well. You see the connection here?)


My housemates were really encouraging:


“Nisa! OMG, are you for real???”

“Nisa masak! Biar betul???”

“OMG, serious ke nak masak ni??”


Aida yang paling tak boleh blah; everytime her phone rang, she would tell the person at the other end, “Tau takkk, Nisa masak!!!”


NOT =_____________=”  I didn’t need the publicity thank you very much.



Before I lift anyone’s hope up, THAT WAS A ONE TIME WONDER. Just because I cooked this once, doesn’t mean I would make it my hobby from now on. FAT CHANCE. I just wanted to see if I could do it. Cooking, I mean.



Like, if this conversation suddenly popped up:


COOKING: Hah, you couldn’t even do me!

NISA: Says who?? I cooked once!



Faham tak? This is a pride issue. To actually loss to COOKING, I would rather bury myself 10 feet under.


So since I’ve done it, let’s move on to less dangerous things. Dangerous ok memasak! I cut my finger chopping scallops last week!



Like making pancakes. Oh this one I like because it’s so easy. And no knife is involved. Very safe >_<







TADAAA my pancakes comel!!



Ok dah habis showing off bye bye.