Feels like writing. But having no idea of what to write.


Yesterday’s a holiday >_< though I still don’t know the reason behind it but who cares. Cuti tetap cuti.


Recently, there’re feuds happening between, well, people in my batch concerning our First IA and holidays this March. I don’t want to name names.


Personally, I don’t care whether our exams will be on the 5th of April, 12th or even 19th. Jangan awalkan sudah. Like last time, I have yet to make any plans for the coming holidays. But I voted for 12th/19th of April because I knew some of my friends have done so. Some had even planned for months in advance. No matter how I look at it, it’s a win-win situation regardless of the date.


I don’t think I’d loss anything by being considerate and tolerating. I gain more time to study, I even get at least a couple of days of holidays. What is there to complain of?


Doesn’t matter when the exams will be held, everyone still has to study…right?


I think it’s pointless too argue on such a petty issue. Especially since it was made based on the majority decision. I would like to think we’re mature enough, or at least, professional enough as future doctors, insyaAllah, to behave rationally once in a while. It’s just that I have yet to witness anyone died by being considerate so far. 


What do you get by putting other people down and being boastful? I’m really curious to know.


To be angered by her statement is a waste of my emotion. Baik I emo tengok drama Jepun.


I could never figured everyone out in this lifetime. That, I am aware of. So whatever lah. Age does not mirror maturity, as some have shown. And I’m sorry to say, nor does that thin scroll of degree you’re so proud of.


Yes, I am aware I’m being mean thank you very much. 



That being said, we had dinner at Elements on Saturday night. It’s been a while since we hang out together >_<





















Toodles >_<