That is, of course, Balqish.


Wahahaha. Suka kutuk Qish. Uih tak baik.


Nahhh, unfortunately, it’s not her 🙂


Why unfortunately? Coz if she’s the pervert then takyah risau ah. Banned makan chocolate and ice cream sudah.


But if it’s some mamat India who likes lurking in the dark at midnight onwards, then there is something to worry there =____=”


Since Dwellington Apartment is surrounded by high walls and barbed wires, he targets apartments facing the brick walls. Girls’ apartments. What for lah nak stalk guys kan? 


He would climb a tree and start throwing stones at the targeted windows until he gets noticed.


When one peeks through the window to find out the source of the commotion, she would be greeted by the sight of an Indian guy without his pants on at a tree nearby/on the tree. The rest, please use your own imagination. I will tell no further.


This, he normally does from 12 am – 1 am. When the guys/guards checked him out upon our complains, he scampered.


A few of my friends’ houses dah kena. Last night it was ours T___T


He was wearing a white t-shirt. Mencapub betul. Nasib baik tak pakai t-shirt glow in the dark.


As to the reason he’s doing it, we’re just as clueless. Some say he gets aroused when girls screamed/panicked. I don’t know. Probably he just enjoys it. Bosan kot duduk rumah. Takde rancangan best kat TV so he goes for a night stroll kot. How should I know.


Buruk perangai. If that’s not psychotic, I don’t know what is.


Since our house is on the ground floor and our balcony faces the surrounding wall, there are more reasons for us to be worried. Hueh.


This info is for my parents so they wouldn’t worry excessively (knowing them):  Qish immediately bought a long metal chain with a padlock for the balcony door today. Before this, we just used a measly bicycle chain. Now we use both. And we make sure the doors are locked and the windows shut tightly every night and every time before we leave the house.


Mum, you can breathe now >_<


So girls, please beware of your own safety. Kalau ada orang baling batu kat tingkap, baling mercun kat luar. That ought to catch pak guard’s attention.