As most might have experienced, a perfectly planned night out could go berserk.


As for me, it happens quite regularly  T___T


I booked 3 cabs. Only 2 came. Thankfully one of it was an Inova.

I booked tables for 12 at Samarkand restaurant. The receptionist mistook it for 4. JAUH KOT 12 AND 4.


But still. So far so good. To be bias, I think it’s the only Indian restaurant worth dining in Bangalore so far (I have yet to discover other places). For someone who avoids eating Indian dishes (I know I’m in India lah), I found myself loving the food there despite the hefty prices.


More worth it than BBQ Nation yang langsung tak sedap except the apple pie kat desert section I am sorry to say dunno why people still go there dah la jauh.




Why everytime must got muka budak ni in my cam =___=







Must take picture with bday gal balbal




Helwa, Naned, Ayam




They’re loving the bread sticks




Aida, Farah. Kina, Helwa



At 9.15 pm, we left for Garuda Mall untuk tangkap movie (To catch the movie. Geddit geddit? No? Direct translation la duh.)


This was when Aida and I discovered we only had 9 tickets. There were 10 of us. Do your math.




It’s totally my fault!! Told you I was completely lousy with movie tickets!!!


Since my hospital was the nearest to the mall, I volunteered to buy the tickets on Friday after clinical theory lectures. But I remember counting over and over again before buying them! Beats me why I thought there were 9 of us, not 10. Who did I leave out??


So we queued up in hoping we could grab one more seat. BUT THE TICKETS WERE TOTALLY SOLD OUT!! Why so many people wanna watch SH?? Balik rumah tido lah!




Since I was the one who pandai-pandai miscalculated, it was only right for me not to watch it. Honestly, I didn’t mind. Not like I was that eager to watch Sherlock Holmes anyway. Only that it’s Qish’s bday and everyone’s going.




So the extra one ticket we had, I used it to enter the cineplex so I could buy 2 large caramel popcorn. Been craving for it ever since I watched Avatar ok (when was that? 3 weeks ago? That’s long!) Eh, Garuda’s caramel popcorn is really yummy ok! Better than Malaysia punya yang suka kedekut letak caramel =___=”



I got my caramel popcorn, I was more than happy already.



Went to Cafe Coffee Day (kedai lain semua dah tutup). Then,


Cashier: I’m sorry miss. Outside food is not allowed.




Waiter: *repeats the same thing*

Me: They’re just popcorn.

Waiter: *stands there without budging*

Me: So you would rather have us leave because of these popcorn and risk losing your customers?

Waiter: *mumbles the same thing*

Me: It’s ok. You just lost 2 cups of coffee.



When I dengan cool nya got up to leave…., Aida pergi tumpahkan popcorn atas meja  =_____= “

Hilang image cool I.


That is the way I normally talk to Indian waiters/salesmen/auto drivers. Diorang suka buat drama tak pasal-pasal and they have no sense of respect for customers.


So I berdrama lah balik. Sukati lah.




I. Seriously. Don’t. Understand. This. “No outside food is allowed”. Concept.


It’s annoying. If I brought food/drinks that they sell at the place as well and then they wanna give me that crap, I would truly understand. Of course that would affect their business. Or if it’s one of the exclusive restaurants. But it’s a coffee shop. People hang out at coffee shops. They might feel like eating snacks coffee shops don’t provide.


Bukannya I bawa durian or nasi lemak. That one, nak bising, bising lah.


And diorang tak jual popcorn pun!! What’s with the scorn?? It’s not like because I brought popcorn, I didn’t buy their popcorn! And you ingat senang ke I dapat makan caramel popcorn Garuda Mall???


So we left. For Bel Road’s Cafe Coffee Day. Pedulik ape kena bayar duit auto lebih.


You don’t hurt my pride. It bruises easily. But pride is expensive to maintain T___T


I threw my popcorn away without finishing it in the end anyway bcoz I was too full. But still. Throwing popcorn away when I still want to eat it and throwing it away when I don’t want to eat it are two very very different things.




Aida yang comel. Ahem. It is my obligation to compliment her as she’s one of the nicest person I’ve come to know of. Ahem.

And she tidies the house voluntarily all the time.

Something I fail to do till now *coughs coughs*



We hung out there until 11.30 pm. Went back. Waited for Balbal and the rest to arrive home.




And surprised her with the cake of her dreams 😛



“Bday nanti aku nak ice cream cake Baskin Robbin’s perisa strawberry tau.”


Semua dah pandai demand sekarang =____=


Demanding is good. You don’t have to crack your head to figure out what she wants, she gets what she wants, everyone’s happy.


And that is why people, I demand all the time. I’m considerate!