I think I’m psychotic.




SERIOUSLY. Don’t be surprised if you saw me wandering aimlessly with a kitchen knife in the early hours of the morning. Ok lah, exaggerating me. BUT ALL I DO IS NAP, EAT AND WATCH MOVIES T_T


I usually eat. I don’t nap and watch movies!!! That’s so not me. And thus, I conclude I am officially senile. Thank you thank you.


I feel so…depressed. Just thinking tomorrow I have to go to class and meet everyone drills a hole in my head *anti-social mode is on* I don’t know with you guys but I have moments when I feel meeting people is so tiring. Just looking at their faces makes me tired. What more to talk and smile. Penat. No pun intended people.


But I couldn’t afford to skip classes anymore T_T










Kindda miss it when they’re around. Wow, I’m actually human.


Let me creep to one corner and cry. Bye.