I am angry.


No. Scratch that. I am very very very angry. Or was, whatever.


Why? Why?


Because of the crowd lah! And the shops that closed early. IT’S NEW YEAR EVE FOR GOD’S SAKE. You don’t close ur shops early, you opened them until the wee hours of the morning! Dunno how to do business no need to open shops lah!





See la! I mean, with most of the shops closed, where are most of them going? Just hanging out in the streets?  =___=”


And the crowd, ARGH. Made me wished I had a trolley so I could push my way through. But I didn’t have one so I walked behind a corn vendor who was pushing his cart. I am so smart I know 😉


You know what made me angry the most?


The fact that I’d called 20 Feet Height and booked a table earlier but when I walked into the restaurant at 8.30 pm, they said they’re already closed!! Jeez, couldn’t they tell me that earlier, oh I don’t know, probably WHEN I CALLED TO BOOK A TABLE??


So we popped into the restaurant next door called Ruby’s Tuesday or something like that. It’s like TGI Friday’s except the food are a lot more expensive. Just as we were about to order, mum noticed they served pork’s rib.


So much about being a halal restaurant =___=


There aren’t a lot of restaurants in Brigade’s Road, well, not unless you count KFC, MCD and Pizza Hut but my parents wanted to dine at a proper restaurant. What’s not proper about burgers?? I dunno lah them.


So so so I brought them to Si Kandar at Garuda Mall (again. Am getting sick of that mall). And *taking a deep breath* they didn’t serve ala carte. Only buffet. And my family didn’t wanna have buffet for dinner.


And the next thing I knew, I stormed out into the darkness of the night *exaggerating mode* on my own leaving them there. And otw back to the hotel, I dropped by Cafe Coffee Day and ordered a coffee.


And you know what? Apparently I must order from their New Year’s menu and by that time I was already so impatient and sweaty and angry that I just jabbed at any of them, paid and leave.





And now I’m back at the hotel room, with my dinner of coffee and a piece of chocolate cake, and Vicky Christina Barcelona showing on the tv and I’m feeling the warmth of happiness crawling back.


This is the way of celebrating New Year’s Eve. Peace and quiet with no grudge of killing anyone.


Ohhh my chilly fried crab and steam rice is here. Ok bye.