When you do not know nor do you like cooking, you befriend someone who knows and actually likes to cook πŸ˜‰



Thank you Kak Sha for inviting my family over for dinner >_<



The things I seem to forget about having parents around are,


  1. Kennot ponteng classes without being nagged =___=
  2. Kennot avoid taking medicine when you’re sick  =____________________=”


I skipped classes today on pretence I was sick. Eh where got on pretence. I was really sick. Just, you know, not serious enough to actually get MC. Dad bought my story, yayyyyyyy. But he wanted to go somewhere else so I cleverly got mum to accompany me.


Once he left the hotel, I said to mum:


“I don’t think I need to go and see a doctor. It’s just normal flu, cough and sore throat after all. Let’s just go to the pharmacy.”



Once we’re outside the hotel:


“Hmmm, let’s just go shopping first. The pharmacy won’t go anywhere.”


Of course after all the shopping she forgot all about the medicine. MY GOD I WAS SO CLEVER.



But then tadi went to Kak Sha’s house and there was a pharmacy nearby and malang tidak berbau I was with dad…………………………


“Have you bought ur medicine?”

“Erm, I will. Later.”

“You keep saying later. But it NOW.” And he dragged me to the pharmacy =__=”



I’M 20 OK I SHOULD NOT BE FORCED TO TAKE MEDICINE. I hate doctors. When I become one, I’m seriously gonna hate myself.



Ok malas wanna write long long I’ll just post some pictures from yesterday:










For all auto drivers who spend their lives cheating foreigners


Very sleepy already now. BUT I’VE NO PJS TO SLEEP IN. Forgot to bring them along when I was at my house just now. AND ZATYFATY SO STINGY DOESN’T WANNA LEND ME HERS!!


Cheh. Like I can’t sleep in jeans and tshirt.