Ilusi optik. I’m not taller than him. Not even close 😦


My bro went back to KL yesterday 😦




Ok lah, 60% yes and 40% not so yes. What to do, I’m naturally mean. As much as it’s fun having him around, it’s tiring having to wait on him ALL THE TIME. Serious rasa nak mengamuk. Geram. He spend over an hour in the toilet every time and he took ages to get ready. AND I THOUGHT I WAS THE GIRL HERE.


Despite that,







Cracked my stomach laughing when I saw this



He tidied the room every single day. Now who’s gonna tidy the room and arranged my stuff??? My face has the word TRASHER written all over it =__=” Zatyfaty lagi lah tak boleh harap.


And who’s gonna finish my food?? *sobs* I miss him already.


He went back a week early coz he had to sit for his First IA bwahahahaha padan muka. Approximately 3 hours after he landed in KL bwahahaha padan muka lagi.


Now, what was I about to write?


Oh yeah. My family. I think the most used word since they came here is CHEAP. Every restaurant we went also cheap. Everything they bought also cheap =__=” Cheap la for them! If I ate at The Only Place everyday my 2.5 k wouldn’t survive it every month. Makes me feel so poor. Dah. I wanna commit suicide now.


But before that, today I brought them to my sanctuary: BOOKWORM  >_<


Probably my most favourite place on earth.





I only bought 4 ok. Most of the books were Zatyfaty’s and Hani gemok’s.



23 brand new books for only a whooping of RM 350 bah!! In Malaysia I could only get 10 books for that amount =__=


Anyway, I’m running out of restaurants to bring my family for lunches and dinners. Anyone has any suggestion? Non-Indian restaurants are most welcome since my siblings already refused to eat Indian food on the 3rd day. Cheh. Makan la Subway or KFC hari-hari. Picky eaters.



I skipped classes again today. And luckily I did because today turned out to be a holiday! 10 Muharram. How should I know it’s a holiday hmmph.


My dad called my room and woke me up at 7 am ok. And of course I grunted, slammed the phone down and resumed sleeping. Then he rang the doorbell summore. And then he nagged: Nisa, you’re missing 3 lectures bla bla bla. Imagine my satisfaction when I told him today’s a holiday!!! Ngeh ngeh ngeh.


I have an 8.30 am class tomorrow morning. Why la all the lecturers so rajin. Don’t they ever sleep in???



Roger and out.