Hotel has wifi yay!


I am feeling so stressed. Not to mention knackered. And it’s supposed to be the “holidays”. What the heck.


Classes are as usual. 8.30 am to 5 pm everyday *screaming my head off* I’ve been to and fro MG Road and Bel Road everyday. Meaning I’ve to wake up at 7 am since the journey alone takes around 40 minutes.


It’s tiring when I don’t even have a moment of rest from morning till midnight and then I’ve to sit through 3 hours of lecture early in the morning the next day. Yesterday dah kena jerit by forensic lecturer for dozing off during his lecture.


I DIDN’T EVEN SLEEP!! I merely closed my eyes for 5 seconds with no intention whatsoever to doze off and I was listening. Kak Sha on the other hand was sleeping soundlessly beside me. Sheesh. Might as well slept in his class. Either way still kena marah =__=”


Which is why I’m skipping classes today. Cheh, what do I care. A lot of people are skipping classes anyway. Baik I sleep in.


Oh, going to Otti this afternoon. I am actually looking forward to sleeping in the car. Of all things  =__= And I need to go back to my apartment to packkkkk. 


I’m going to the hospital in a while. Bukan clinical posting la. Though today is my turn of posting *coughs* ponteng *coughs*


I wish I’m in Miri and Columbia Asia is only 5 minutes away T_T The only branch I know of is somewhere along the road to the airport. Too far, too little time. Can I go to Jain? It’s a private hospital right? And it’s near. Desperate times call for desperate measures.


I’m dying already. And when I died, my family would be forever haunted by their guilt of not taking me seriously. Their laughter will remind them of their cruelty to me.


I wanna be buried next to my rabbits *sniffs*


And I’ve to accompany my bro shopping after that. Wth nak pergi Otti pun nak shopping. Urgh.


Pictures. Will be posted next time I’ve nothing to do. Too tired to transfer them into my laptop.




Nothing, I forgot what to say od.


Let me die in peace. Temporarily. OMMM.