I hate postings on Saturdays. It means I’ve to wake up at 6 am 2 days in a row in a week (4 hours of clinical theories every Friday, DIE)  T_T


But I like today’s posting. Because.


1) There were only 10 of us. The rest were either already in hols mood or participating in Winter Camp.

2) Fewer number meant the doctors would let us go earlier. YES!


Ehem, not that (2) was the case today. My fellow friends called the uncle bus and asked him to pick us up at 11.00 am despite the fact that Dr. Rajeshwari didn’t allow that. Students are meant to be rebellious, what to do. 


Anyway, Pija and I went to Garuda Mall to catch any movie showing at 12 pm. Proof that our lives are so dull =_= Luckily Avatar 3D was showing at 11.50 am 😀 Despite the sold out sign, we managed to grab 2 seats.






Pija: Nah Nisa. You keep the tickets. I’m unreliable with stuff like this.

Nisa: Really? Me too! But it’s ok, I’ll keep them. *slipped them into my wallet*



Since India is so weird that people are only allowed inside the cineplex ground 5 minutes before the movie started, we went to Crossword. Browsed some books. Opened my wallet to check my contact cards. Browsed more books.  At 11.45 am, we made our move.


I took my wallet out to retrieve the tickets and found out THEY WEREN’T THERE. ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!


I ran back to Crossword, ran back to Pija, searched my wallets and bag again and again, asked the cashier guy (who was of no help at all =__=) and went back to Crossword yet again.


While Pija looked for the tickets on the floor, I tried to calm down, sat on one of the chairs and checked my wallet again.






So we ran like mad towards the cineplex. Luckily we only missed the first 10 minutes of the movie. TERASA DIRI INI SUNGGUH JAHIL T_T


Semua the cineplex punya pasal!! The tickets looked exactly like ATM receipts!! Cheapskate!



Come on. Try and spot the movie tickets. I’ll give you 1 minute.



Time’s up! Found it?





It’s that one. MAD PISSED OK.



Ok. A bit of review on Avatar. It’s……………………………………ok I guess. Ok la, I know it’s a big budget movie and James Cameron spend 10 years making the movie coz he didn’t have enough fund and all…..


But I think the only thing that makes it amazing were the CGI effects. I’m thinking it’s a modern version of Pocahontas. You know, the chief’s daughter and the American guy falling in love? And he turned his back on his own race? Bows and arrows against machine guns and missiles? Doesn’t that remind you of Pocahontas?


But it’s amazing all the same lah. When the screen rolls were playing, I didn’t think, “Cheh, baik download je movie ni.” So so so, go watch. But jangan hilangkan movie tickets like me T_T


My  life is always full of dramas at all the inappropriate times and places T_T



I have yet to come to the brightest side of the day. I found a pair of vintage leather shoes!!! It’s gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!





Excuse my pajama pants 😉



I love love love the details



Ok ok I know I resolved not to buy anymore shoes (I’ve more than 30 pairs at my last count) but this isn’t shopping!! It’s long-term investment!! And I don’t have a pair of these kinds. And it’s cheap. And it’s a rare finding. Very happy. I’m gonna hug them while sleeping tonight >_<


I am really considering for shoe therapy. Hypnosis is welcome too  =___=”


And oh, my family is arriving tomorrow evening 🙂 Can’t wait to see them!!