Upon reading about water birth (source: Leokid), one thing especially caught my attention.


Aquatic Ape Hypothesis (AAH).


Whoa! And all this while I thought there was only Darwin’s theory! Macam-macam.


It was first proposed in 1942 and was expanded by Elaine Morgan. The theory was based on the differences between humans and great apes and the similarities between humans and the aquatic mammals.


Er, ok.


However, it was not accepted due to lack of evidence. No wonder I’ve never heard of it then.


Now. What I found amusing was this- our similarities with the aquatic mammals:


  1. Humans are hairless compared to great apes, similar to rhinoceros and elephants which both have aquatic ancestors. Our body hair also follow the water flow-lines. Pulak dah. Masuk elephants and rhinoceros sekali.
  2. A hooded nose to prevent water from entering the nostrils.
  3. Voluntary breath control to allow diving and swimming.
  4. Vestigial webbing between fingers.
  5. Our brains require certain nutrients e.g iodine, essential fatty acids which could only be found in seafood. Boleh pulak jadi one of the reasons =_=


For more info, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aquatic_ape_hypothesis


From my skeptical tone, one could easily figure out I don’t believe in it. Nor do I believe in Darwin’s theory. Sorry science.


What I couldn’t understand is, why do they always have to associate humans with animals? The great apes lah, the aquatic mammals lah. I know scientists have inquisitive minds but…animals? *furrowed brows*


And if they were that inquisitive, shouldn’t they at least figured out it had something to do with The Higher Power?