My lazy mode kicked in this morning and lingers till now. Hueh. Been trying to read patho but.. if I succeeded in doing that I wouldn’t be typing this now would I?



That’s what happened when I have three days of weekend instead of two. I become lazy see. Our classes ended at 2.30 pm everyday seeing as we haven’t started our clinical postings yet and have to compensate by having clinical theory classes on Medicine and Surgery everyday. Except Friday.



Clinical theory classes are….pretty boring. Anything theory is boring lah. Suppressing my yawns and red eyes are proving to be harder as the days passed. The extra time is used to catch up on missed lectures. Supposedly *coughs*



Anyway. Just now I went to the kitchen to fix myself a cup of 3 in 1 Milo. Aida was also there doing the same thing*. Well, she’s always there. If not to clean up the mess, it’s eating or drinking 😛 I couldn’t open the packet so I asked for her help. And you know what she said??


*drinking Milo instead of Nescafe at midnight says that we’re not planning on staying up late to study tsk tsk



“Anak dara manja.”





I didn’t think it was true so I complained to Qish. And you know what she said?



“Er, tu pun Aida kena bagitau ke? Tu kan pengetahuan umum.”



Just because I don’t cook! Or clean the toilet. Or look after the fat cat (I give money for her keeping. Why do I need to cuddle her everyday?) Eh wtf do I do for the house all this while? But I sweep the room! (Gave up on cleaning toilets after that first time in Pratham) And I could survive by not cooking so why is that a big deal I also dunno. There’s free food delivery some more. And I do my own laundry.


I would think those are independent enough of me.






If I could get by fine with eating cereals and bread and semi-solid food (Neslac, Nestum, oats), why couldn’t everyone else??  It’s not like I have the need to cook. I rarely have cravings. And even if I did, well, my housemates could cook them for me.



And I’m lazy. All the chopping and mixing and grinding and God knows what else. Please. Like I have nothing else to do. I even cook Maggi by soaking it in boiled water instead of boiling it on the stove. Even my dad discourages me from cooking ok. He says it’s a waste of time. Not entirely true lah. I mean, it could be fun. Sometimes. Depends. Or maybe not.



The girls always say the same thing to me: “Nisa, nanti suami Nisa nak makan ape?”


“Eh. Masak sendiri lah. Kalo tak, order luar. Kalo tak puas hati jugak, cerai je lah.”



Okeh habis membebel now it’s time for Patho!!