All I said was they were too shallow in judging people. That’s it. Geez.



Guys talk about girls. Girls talk about guys and girls and everything this universe contain. That’s normal, I know. But when the vocabulary alim (religious) suddenly evolved into sweet, what happened next?



I snapped. Naturally.



How could someone you see from afar, could string a few motivational sentences, versed well in the Quran- well, in short someone you don’t even know in real life besides the fact that he/she is religious be considered as sweet? And suddenly tak pasal pasal that person becomes your idol.


Now you get what I mean?



And so I retorted, “Mane ko tau dia sweet? Ko tak pernah cakap ngan dia. Ntah-ntah dia pengotor. Or tak suka mandi pagi.”


To be replied by, “Heyyyyy, tak baik cakap macam tu tau!”





Before you guys get emotional, I’m not trying to make any point on religious people here. I’m trying to figure out how some people – ok, girls – think. People who are in depth about Islam, I have plenty of respect for them.



But that’s as far as it goes lah. Takkan sampai tahap stalking kat FB.



And this doesn’t apply to people who are learned in religious matter only. It applies to an apek in a white tshirt and short pants who turned out driving a Mercedes. Or a polite someone who turns out to be a blabber once he opens his mouth. But I’m focusing on the former since that’s what I couldn’t fathom out the most right now. 



I’m just saying, how could people interpret religious as….well, perfection. Some people know but doesn’t preach. Ramai yang macam tu. So to basically judge someone just by looking at a few characters is absurd. I’m not saying they are. I’m saying they might be. I mean, you would never know right? You wouldn’t know someone has bad breath until you talk to him.


Respecting is one thing. Clouding your rationalisation with make up beliefs is another.



And when I pointed these out, bursting their bubble of giddiness, all I got was


“Ko memang. Ko kan alien.”


Pulak dah.