Only 2 weeks ago I was complaining about global warming. The sun was pulling faces at us and sweats trailed our backs. Pretty annoying considering by October it’s usually already winter.



Winter in Bangalore isn’t that cold. The lowest temperature would be around 12 degrees. It’s like walking around in air-condition. Just cold enough for us to put on our coats and jackets and wear layered clothes. An interesting season as this is the time people tend to pull out their best outfits. Well, certain people that is.



Comparing this year’s winter with last year’s (coz this is only my second year), this year selalu hujan and hembusan angin kuat kuat huh. Colder. Wetter. And yes, increased possibilities of slipping off the stairs and landing on your butt.



Which happened to me this morning.



Siot. Sakit ok. Another black and blue for me. And a bump. Ish. Luckily people who witnessed it were my housemates and Syafiq. Helwa boleh pulak tanya, “Nisa! Sakit tak??”

Hello, mestilah sakit! And considering the fact that Syafiq didn’t comment on anything, I was pretty sure he was trying not to laugh out loud =_=

I think I’m somewhat a great person because I’ve experienced almost all types of fall. Ah. Pain. What’s life without it?



Also, nowadays the sky is always covered with dark clouds. Now whenever I see the sun shining outside, I’d be all giddy and excited and put on my tracksuit and tshirt and go for a jog. I think JP Park is somewhere at the west because when everywhere else is cloudy, there’d definitely be a streak of sunlight there. And I always pretended I was chasing the sun hahahahaha takde kerja.




Looking at this picture alone gives me a very comfortable feeling ^_^








Sejuk sejuk jogging is pointless. What can I say? I miss the sun. I miss the heat. I don’t really like the cold (nanti dah summer I’ll complain about the humidity pulak you just wait).


Which reminds me. Yesterday while I was jogging at JP Park, a young Indian girl in her school uniform approached me.


“Aunty, what’s the time?”

Paused Ipod. “Pardon?”

“What’s the time?”

“Oh. It’s 5.30.”

“Thank you aunty!”

“You’re welcome!”



Smiled and jogged away. What a polite girl. Such pleasant – wait. Did she just called me AUNTY?



Smile vanished. DO I LOOK LIKE AN AUNTY??? Sister ok, sister!