188 codes for nisasabri. That’s my present serial number. One. Eight. Eight. A hundred and eighty eight. 188.


I am, of course once again, the last student in my batch. Now I have to wait for the first 187 numbers when attendance is taken. Which means I will be the last student leaving the lecture hall everyday.


Tu lah. Siapa suruh kena duduk for supplementary exam. Padan muka.



Ok la, it’s not like I’m not used to it. I was the last student in my first year. Now I have to bear it for another year and a half. But last year I got an odd number! This year is even! Do you know what that means? It means I’ll be an obvious target whenever the lecturers ask questions 😦  Aish.


That leads to my resolution for Phase II ; I’m adamant not to sit for supplementary exam again!! That’s the only way I could shift my serial number upwards! Ahah. A fusion of a medical student with bimbo thoughts. So what. Good la right. That means I’m gonna work hard.


So. My classes officially start tomorrow *coughs coughs* Fine! They started today but how should I know? The management thought they could post the official results and timetable up yesterday afternoon without announcing anything and we would know by ourselves is it? And I did mean to go to class today. I overslept……and woke up at 11.30 am. Perghh. Overslept by 4 hours =_=


Darn la now have to go to class already (I could hear my mum saying my english sucks as I’m writing this). Baru plan nak gi Otti!




These books look so lovely that I’m afraid of opening and creasing them up. Right.