When my housemates wanted to watch a Korean ghost movie beramai-ramai, I tiba-tiba rajin mengoffer diri to go to CS and buy junk food. I’m an awesome housemate, I know 😉


I swore to myself I wouldn’t watch any ghost story ever again after I watched Gothika in form 3. Wtf I don’t believe in scaring myself. Tengok cerita hantu then takut nak stay up sorang-sorang at night. Cheh, what for.


So here I am alone in my room munching on chips and chocolates (which reminds me I haven’t snacked in a long time so no scolding ok Effa) while looking up on articles like “How To Jog” or “The right way of breathing“. What? Everyone is allow to change their minds. That everyone includes me you know. If I suddenly preferred to fill my free time with jogging, so I should. If I suddenly stopped stocking on Pepsi and started drinking mineral water yeah so what has it got to do with anyone.


Yes everyone. Dunia sudah mahu kiamat.


I’m seasonal. What I like this month, I might hate it to the same extent next month. Who I dislike this year, I still dislike next year though.


A-n-y-w-a-y, I am dead serious about jogging daily and increasing my intake of mineral water. I know I know. Who had thought the day would finally come right? All this while people around me kept saying stuff like,


“You know when you poured a bottle of Coke into the toilet bowl, it becomes all white and clean.”

“You know they did an experiment where they put a tooth inside a jar filled with Coke then a couple of days later yadayadayada.”


all in the hope I would stop treating Pepsi as my mineral water. Of course those didn’t work pooh. What do I care about toilet bowls and teeth. Then a couple of weeks ago, a friend told me a friend of hers who started drinking Pepsi/Coke daily in her teens was diagnosed with diabetes in her 20s.


I’m 20! I DON’T WANNA BE DIABETIC OK. Then I won’t be able to eat whatever I want. Then I’ll die =_=


Doesn’t mean I don’t drink Pepsi at all. I still do whenever I eat out. Which is everyday *coughs makan mcD tiap hari coughs*  Not my fault ok! It’s the nearest, the fastest, the cheapest and who doesn’t like fast food?




I used to buy Pepsi in small bottles to preserve the gas.

When A’in came to my house,

“Nisa, nak Pepsi.”

“Ambil la.”

Then she would shake the bottle, release the cap and free the gas.


You don’t want the gas, you drink mineral water la!

“A’in, a bottle of Pepsi without gas is like a lady without her virginity.”

Awesome kan my quote muahahahaha.

And that is how ladies and gentlemen, the terms “virgin drinks” and “raped drinks” in this house were born.



And I’ve really started jogging daily. It has now been almost 2 weeks already. I even splurged on a pair of jogging shoes,wrist bands and thick socks. Now I’m poor =_=”

It’s only an hour everyday. Bukannya mati pun. I don’t wanna be an old frail lady 40 years from now boohoo.


And yes, now I walk the 15 minutes walk to JP Park. I don’t use auto.


So that’s it people. The ending of my zaman jahilliah (tak nak belajar memasak tak kira) >_<


Oooohhh, Qish just told me the ghost movie had ended. Yay!