Upon going out with my friends yesterday, it got me thinking. This good friend of mine, dragged me into a diamond store.  Yes, a diamond store. Ah, it’s true isn’t it? Diamonds are a girl’s bestfriend.


As my friend looked upon trays and trays of diamond rings and diamond bracelets and diamond earrings, I sat there feeling awkward. This was another world. A world of bunga tanjung and bunga belah pinang. A world of the e and f gradings and solitaire cuts. A world I’d never discovered before which, to be frank, bored me.


Well, my friend was oohing and aahing and squealing at the perfect way the angles of the cut stone caught the light as I tried my best to be interested. It wasn’t until she said, “Look at this ring. The diamond’s huge. When will any guy give me one?”


Now that, caught my attention. And then suddenly, I found myself wondering;


Do girls like diamonds because of what they are (pretty, worth a bomb) or do they like diamonds because of what they represent?


Me, I’m not a huge fan of diamonds. But I won’t say no if anyone gave me any. Instead of flaunting them off around my wrists and on my fingers, the probability of me selling them off and buying myself a few gadgets is close to 99%. The 1% is spared in case they are presents from my parents.






I think it’s cooler to own a PSP than having a diamond ring on my finger.


What. I’m being practical. Can you play games with a diamond ring? Nope, don’t think so. And why would any girl wait for guys to present them with diamonds? What’s wrong with buying a diamond ring themselves if they could afford it? That way, it’s truly theirs. In cut throat situation, one can sell it without feeling guilty.


And in case of bad memories, they don’t have to chuck it into the ocean (watched Titanic anyone? Now that was one hell of a necklace). So there.