I’m in the I’m-depressed-but-I-dunno-why mood. Oh who am I kidding. Exam is only 2 days away and I’m scared I’ll screw up again. There. I’ve said it. Seeing it written in black and white makes me feel even worse. And I thought writing was supposed to make me feel better.


Well, my days are filled with going to biochemistry class in the morning and studying in the afternoon, evening and night. Besides on food, I didn’t spend on anything else (except on dry cleaning but that doesn’t count). I even declined Mimi’s invitation to jog today.


Hahahahaha who believes that has anything to do with the exam is a fool. What can I say? I like being unhealthy. Sweating is so unnatural. I use auto to JP Park ok. I don’t jog there.


And by midnight, I’m usually already in bed. But tonight’s Friday night and it feels so wrong to study yet I still have to.


How depressing is that?