Already 11 pm. Shit. I was planning to sleep at 10 pm so I could wake up early tomorrow to study. Wahh, so rajin right me it’s only my first day back and already I’m studying!!




Biochem supplementary exam remember?


Btw, TADAAAAA, I’m already in India!! And there’s no need to complain “You didn’t tell me you’re leaving!!” stuff because I don’t think I owe anyone any explanation.


After 5 weeks, I picked up the broom and swept the dusty room, did my laundry and send my comforters to the dry cleaner and guess what? My body ached like hell. It just proves that I wasn’t born for domesticity.  


Classes have started and my friends are already fretting about what to wear to class and what books to buy and figuring out the new timetable. I thought I would feel left out, you know, because friends are sweating for the second year and yet I’m still muddling with biochemistry.


But I actually felt glad. Not that I’m glad I’ve to re-sit the exam (who likes having to sit for an extra exam?). Only glad that I can still wake up late and stay at home and not having to put myself under all the stress again. And the idea of seeing everyone again makes me sigh.  Guess I’m still in holidays mood hmpph.