Streamyx has been a bitch nowadays, it’s making me miss Airtel. But not tonight bwahahaha! Which explains my good mood. Ah streamyx, you’re such a dear.


I’ve a question; how come Raya’s in 3 days but I still don’t feel it’s that close even though everywhere I go suggest anything but? There’s no need to answer that. I know why. It aggravates me a little, all this preparation for Raya. Like I’ve done any of it hahahaha. Last year’s tasks are enough to last me a lifetime.


I just don’t care. I don’t care if there are no new flower arrangements in the living room. I don’t care if there are no biscuits and cakes and if my friends come over, what will I serve them? I don’t care if the counter tops are covered with dust. I don’t care if the doors and fences need new coats of paint. In fact, mum, if you’re reading this, just give up on asking me to do anything because I’m not interested.


All I care is figuring out what I’m gonna wear on the first day of Raya. I’ve 7 new outfits this year. Choosing one is gonna be a hard task.


And oh, which relative will be out of Miri during Raya this year because their absence means less houses to visit, less small talks, less answering questions half-heartedly, less trying to mask the feeling of boredom and how I would rather be somewhere else. Raya’s not an opportunity for family gatherings because God knows how I hate those. I’m comfortable enough with my few family members and friends. I do not wish to waste my time on people I couldn’t even pretend to care.


Right. So don’t expect any Raya invitations from me. It’s Raya, anyone‘s welcome. Unless you’re a robber or a serial murder looking for shelter, I won’t turn you away. If you want to come, then do so. If you don’t then don’t. Don’t give 10 fucking excuses which, let’s face it, neither you or me would buy *smiling sweetly*


Don’t mind me, I’m cold that way.


I got a Raya card from Jolene today. And Judy the other day, both who are not in Miri >_< Which reminds me I should be giving out Raya cards to my friends as well. I know nowadays people just send emails/ sms but I like the old way better.


I was perplexed though, seeing Hani filling in the Raya cards she intended on giving her friends and teachers.




She had a freaking list *chuckles to self*







Pardon the messy room. Oh she looked so happy after filling in 20 cards, each with a personal message.





I cannot be more blatantly obvious even if I want to 😛