Ctah made my day. She always does.

*dah la Ctah. You don’t have to syok sendiri so much reading that*


I just went to bed around 7 am yesterday when Zatyfaty woke me up at 11 am, asking me to bring her and Hani to the hairdresser.


“Damn.” Pulled the comforter over my head.


But of course, being the sister mithali that I am *cough cough*, I got up.


2 hours later, Ctah messaged me. When there’s a message from her, you should know by now that

1) She has some plans and wants to go out

2) She wants to go out


We’re not exactly the stay-at-home type of people.


She wanted to go shopping. WTF HER MIDTERM PAPER WAS ONLY 3 DAYS AWAY!


I  picked her up anyway. When I saw Ctah walking out of her house, she had a bright red snoopy bag with her.


It wasn’t until much later that I knew the reason behind it.


First stop: Effa’s house.

Wanted to get the biochem book from her. But I had to bring Ctah along because I knew if I went alone I would end up getting lost =_=


Picked Zatyfaty up from tuition. Went to Bazaar Ramadhan to buy kuih for people at home.




Dragged Ctah to Toys’ World. I love it there. Reminds me of my childhood.








She wanted to break fast at Pizza Hut but there was a queue for the tables so we settled for Secret Recipe.


*Dad’s here nagging. Headphone on. Maximum volume.*











She camwhored a thousand of times but left only 2 of the best in my digicam because she knew they were gonna end up in my blog HAHAHA





She wanted to shop and oh yes, she did shop. She must have spend RM1k plus in that half a day.


I, on the other hand, only bought a handbag.


And as always, people who went shopping with me would use this line at the end of the day:

“It’s your fault! I shouldn’t have gone shopping with you.”


How it’s my fault I also dunno. Hueh =_=




This red snoopy bag I mentioned earlier?




She used it to stuff all the things she bought so her parents wouldn’t nag. I was actually amazed they fit. Of course the bag was super buncit when she’s done stuffing her things into it.


But I guess, one super buncit bag was better than carrying a dozen of paper bags.


And lastly, we went to Rina’s house to surprise her. She just arrived in Miri that afternoon.


I’m sure Ctah and I made a sight. Holding the cake with candles lit on it, singing out of tune birthday song while Rina struggled to open the locked gate. And oh, it was pouring.


All this while Miri had been so hot and it decided last night was the ideal time to pour rain.



Inai-ed fingernails. You know they’re not mine 😉




12 candles on this piece of cake made it soggy. But she finished it anyway.


Oh, no pictures of the birthday girl since she was in her pjs 😉


We caught up on each other stories, gossiped about people of the past, Ctah polished a bowl of cucur udang……….. 😛


I arrived home at midnight and actually went to bed early for a change.