The fuck. I didn’t keep track of the date. And so I didn’t realise yesterday was my super duper best friend’s birthday.


I clearly remember thinking yesterday, “12 September’s Rina’s birthday. Oh, that’s ages away.”


Kepala hotak ages away. Look what the holiday did to me. It numbs my brain.


No class = the sun and the moon do not exist


A knock to myself on the head.



I remember this one thing back when I was still in form 4.


We had a prefects’ meeting where, of course la all of us kena marah by the Head Prefect. Mostly because of our tardiness. I didn’t kena marah ok *smiling smugly* because on that day I happened to carry out my duty early. Two words: PURE LUCK. The sole prefect who arrived at school just as the bell rang? Yeah, that’s me.


Anyway, I saw Terence’s pencil case lying oh so innocently on the floor. Because he was is always so sarcastic, I wanted to get back at him.


I hid his pencil case. Childish, I know but SO WHAT.


After some time, when he realised it was missing, he looked around. I denied it but I knew he knew I took it. I sucked so badly at lying. But it’s not like he could prove it or anything.


So I hold on tightly to his pencil case until after the meeting was over. I casually put it on top of his desk in the class. Before I could tell him, to my horror, he had left.


And then I panic. I felt so guilty. Mana tahu he needed it to solve some mathematic equations which could determine the world’s economy or something someday. Haha my sarcasm is good.


After that I messaged him and he replied. I don’t remember the exact words but it was something like “I knew you took it. Just wanted to make you feel guilty.”


WTF! Reverse psychology siot. But it totally worked.


Anyway, what I’m trying to say is…I feel GUILTY now. And I hate it.