Ctah came by yesterday. Yesterday lah, it’s already 2 am now.


Which is good. I feel so bored at home. Most of my friends aren’t back in Miri yet. Even Zatyfaty’s busy. She has tuitions even on Saturdays and Sundays. So I couldn’t drag her for shopping.


It’s awfully boring to shop alone.


Anyway, Ctah came. And whenever I talk to her, I’m always in desperate need for a Bahasa Sarawak dictionary. Wth she always use complicated-unheard words. It’s not that my Bahasa Sarawak is bad, it’s hers that’s too advanced!


*pointing all my 10 fingers at Ctah*


Well, yesterday I learned 3 new words!!


Tegal = Just because

               Ctah said: Tegal aku buat gya (just because I did that…)


Ngempak = like when you’re chewing on hard food e.g ice

                     Ctah said: Ha, ngempak gik ais ya (Ha, chew on the ice…)


I forgot the third word 😛


Anything wrong with the usage, you Sarawakians don’t attack me. Attack Ctah, that’s how she taught me 😀


Then kebetulan Kak Us passed by. I wanted to show her how superior my Bahasa Sarawak was, learning all these new words. So I challenged her. Yeah, I’m smug like that 😉




Not only has she been in Sarawak 6 months lesser than I have (parents hired her when I was 6 months old), she’s also an Indonesian.




But then she had a head start. At 6 months old, surely I was not able to talk? So logically, she had 2-3 extra years. And I spend most of my childhood screaming and crying anyway. So that adds another 3 years?


Now that makes sense. So in the next 5 years, my Bahasa Sarawak will be just as good.


I’m so awesome at making excuses 😉


Ctah also said this one thing to me. I was uninviting her for our Raya convoy and you know what she said??


“The you’ll get lost coz you don’t know the directions HAHAHAHAHA.”


She’s exaggerating. I’m not that bad ok. So I might have some problems going to Effa’s house (which I’d been going ever since primary school and is only 10 minutes away) but the roads look much different when you’re in the driver’s seat, no?


Anyone could get lost.


And then I remember there was this one time when Seena and I had a Sarawak map spread in front of us.


swak map


Seena: Nisa, where’s Miri?

Nisa: There *pointing confidently at the red circle*

Seena: But…isn’t Miri near the beaches?

Nisa: Yalah. There. *pointing confidently at the same place*

Seena: Nisa, this is Miri *pointing at the blue circle*

Nisa: Oh. I knew that.


Darn. I make a terrible Sarawak-promoter.