I was just about to write on how boring it was when






The chain of my necklace broke 😦


Like it was reading my mind and did it on purpose just so I’d have something to write. Hmph.


And it was new too. I just bought it last week. A couple of hours just before leaving India to be precised.


Effa and I went to CS to change money when we happened to stumble upon this one jewellery store.


And OH MY GOD. They were all so pretty and so cheap! Well, cheaper than the prices you’d get in Malaysia anyway. And they were real ok. Real stones, real silver etc. Gosh, they’re gorgeous.


We were supposed to change money at the forex lol. Ended up spending more money adalah. And we were in a hurry because it was almost time for berbuka and we haven’t even finished packing yet. But we got stuck at the store. Girls~ *roll eyes*


I’m so coming back there again. And no. There’s no point asking me where exactly it is because I won’t tell you 😉


I don’t like that chain anyway. Now I can buy a new one ^_^


And oh, I must congratulate myself for I




just deleted my Xanga account :)  Finally.


There’s no point in keeping it. I haven’t opened it in years. Had been a member since May 2005. I stopped writing in it in 2007.


I just deleted 2 years worth of memories. And I don’t feel anything.


Every day when I wake up, I forget one piece of my life. There are some things…just worth forgetting. Life is like a book sometimes. You can edit it. You can delete the bad parts and keep the good ones. It would be as if they never happened.


But hey, how could I ever forget? They were a part of me. And they will remain so. Just not as important.


“How did you deal with your sadness?”

“I don’t. I just get through them.”

And Yazeed gemok, stick your nose in your books and buzz off!