So the names of those who have to sit for VIVA were announced yesterday. And mine wasn’t among them.


It could mean I passed.

It could also mean I failed.


I know I screwed Paper 2 Biochemistry the other day. It was, after all, the only paper that succeeded in making me cry. Biochem sungguh hebat.


Honestly, I’m scared. What if I failed? Then I have to bring my books home. And I have to revise during hols. And then I’ve to sit for supplementary exam after coming back here. And then what if I failed that too? I’ll have to mingle with the juniors 😦




Rumours have been going around that 40 students have to sit for viva, 40 students passed and 80, let me repeat that, EIGHTY students failed for biochem. So what’s the possibility of me passing??


Now I envy those who are going to sit for viva. I mean, at least they know they’ll pass.


Ah but I don’t care I want to be positive jugak. As long as the results are not definite and as long as I can still say my prayers.

But I’m still going to bring biochem notes back to Malaysia.


Now I feel the seniors and super seniors are brilliant because they’ve passed their first year smoothly. Unlike me.




Ok. I don’t want to talk about that anymore.


Malaysia is only 3 days away! And I couldn’t care less because I’m too worried about my results.



Eh change topic.



So Malaysia is 3 days away and I haven’t done any shopping yet. Mak suruh beli barang ok (blaming my mum :P). I also haven’t gotten my renewed residential permit. And results are going to be announced next week and I won’t be here because I’m going back early so I wouldn’t know which books I should bring home.



This changing of topic is not working. I’m going to mourn now *suffocates myself with the pillow*