There is this one syndrome of my batch which I termed as “Sindrom Budak MARA”.


When one person buys crocs, within the next 2 days, crocs in every colour could be spotted. When one person wears braces, more than 10 people could be seen wearing braces in the same month. When one person went to Wonder La, the rest went too.


This time, it’s the drama series Nur Kasih.




“You should watch it. Serious, jalan cerita dia lain dari yang lain.”

“Aku yang tak tengok cerita melayu ni pun boleh sangkut dengan cerita tu.”


No thank you.


I’ve tried watching an episode and I lasted for about 2 minutes. The sight of the women sobbing next to the baby cot and the thick make-up the actresses had on were enough to make me lost my interest.


I was brought up to dislike Malay dramas, Malay movies, Malay songs. My mum used to discriminate all those when I was small. She refused to buy us Malay CDs and books. When I grew up, naturally, I became skeptical.


I hate Malay dramas and movies because I’m Malay. I know Malays aren’t what they portray in the movies. I know the actors and actresses are not all that in reality. I know Malays don’t speak that way. And Malays definitely don’t use that much make-up in their everyday life.


I remember a couple of years ago I happened to watch this one Malay movie and I was appalled to see that she had her make-up on flawlessly even when she’s on her death bed. Dah nak mati tapi bulu mata melentik habis!


Why would I want to watch something I know is fake?


Cerita melayu is still cerita melayu regardless of the storyline. If it sucks, I say it sucks. If one day I happened to come across a good Malay movie, I’ll say it’s good.


Maybe that’s why I don’t have any problem watching Japanese series. Or Korean. Or Chinese. Because I don’t know. Even if it’s not true, how would I know? And if I don’t know, how could I pass on my judgement?


But I do know 99.72% of Malay movies suck. Even Nur Kasih.


I might not watch it but I do know how the story goes. How could I not when my friends kept promoting it to me? Bersungguh-sungguh Mimi bercerita. Even if I know the message it’s trying to convey, there are certain aspects I dislike. And this dislike of mine outweighs everything.


A friend said to me, “You can’t expect much. All cerita melayu are like that. Nur Kasih is considered ok.


The highest among the lowest quality is not what I would say ok.


I’m not a producer. Or a director. Or a script writer. What would I know about anything right?


But seriously, kurangkan make-up boleh?