Ramadhan is different this year.


Not being in Malaysia, partly. Not having any Bazaar Ramadhan tomorrow, well, partly. Having to help in preparing juadah berbuka everyday…now that is what is so different.


Just kidding 😉


It’s different because alhamdullilah, tonight was the first time I did solat tarawikh berjemaah. Seriously. Even though the mosque is less than 5 minutes away from home, I never went there for solat tarawikh. Home. Why do I have to mention home?


Anyway, it was comforting. It was nice. And yeah, it was even fun. Ok. I don’t have the right adjectives to describe it but you guys probably know the feeling better than I do.


It was also the first time I’ve ever heard of the term moreh. Morekh. Having light snacks after praying. That one.


According to them we also have to qada’ (replace) one day of fasting since Ramadhan starts a day later here compared to Malaysia. So since we’re already going back next week, we’ll be fasting for only 28 days as opposed to the usual 29 or 30 days. That’s the significance of having to qada’ puasa. I don’t know why but India is always a day late in everything.


And alhamdulillah, Ramadhan falls on the days after we’re done with final exams. And a week before going back for holidays. Couldn’t ask for a better timing. And good thing that waktu berbuka here is similar to Miri’s (although technically it’s 2.5 hours later).  


A lot of firsts, but I’m already happy with the starting of my Ramadhan 🙂


Ok, resolutions resolutions.


I know this is last Ramadhan’s resolution- waking up for sahur–  but somehow I didn’t manage to fulfill it *coughs* REM sleep ok. Very hard to wake up. But insyaAllah, I am going to nail that this year. Kalau tak bangun jugak, you guys have my permission to simbah air milo. Um, air milo sejuk ok. Not hot milo.


And a couple of personal goals I have to achieve. No need to mention them here I guess.


For me, this year’s will involve a lot of learning. Time to remember what I have forgotten. It’s time to regain what I’ve lost.


So yeah, I hope you guys will enjoy your Ramadhan.


Yo. Selamat Berpuasa 🙂


Short note: By far my favourite article of Ustaz Hasrizal’s since I could relate and could finally understand. Seriously, since I said you should read it, then it means you should read it.

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Who could fall down and bruised her knee while putting on her jeans? Me of course. This sucks.