Kak Sha and the whole crew suprised me at 12 am last night. Ok la, I wasn’t suprised. I did expect them to come ;)  They sang "Happy Birthday" at the top of their lungs and gave me a basket of flowers.


And so I thought that’s it. Seriously.


I spend most of the time on the 19th of August (ehem) sleeping and feeling depressed. I was anxious about my results. It was like having boulders on my shoulder. I couldn’t even picture going back to Malaysia even though it’s just next week.


And then my mum called.


"So what did you do today?"


"You didn’t go out?"


"Why does it sound so quiet?"

"All my housemates went out."

"Why didn’t you join them?"

"Not in the mood."

"Did anyone buy you any cake?"


"Oh, nevermind. Go out and buy yourself one then." because it’s tradition at home to have a cake even though I don’t like cakes that much.


When she called again later that night, I whined.


"Mum, no one celebrated my birthday 😦 "

"And all this while you were so busy celebrating theirs."




So kesian right.


Later that night I was hanging out at Mimi’s house when she said,


"Nisa, I nak tengok kucing."

"Eh, tengok la. Dia kat rumah A’in."

"I tekan-tekan loceng takde orang kat rumah."

"Eh, ramai lah. Ada usrah kat situ malam ni. Jom."


And then I rang the doorbell. And the door opened. And instead of seeing people in telekung sitting around…….



NISA GEMOOK with double OOs =_=


I stood there gaping. I SERIOUSLY DIDN’T SEE IT COMING.


And then I went inside the house…




And gaped some more. WHEN DID THEY PREPARE ALL THOSE FOOD? Ain’s house and our house are practically a house because we went to and fro like 10 times a day. We even duplicated each other’s house key.


So how come I didn’t notice anything when I’ve been there like 3 times yesterday??



roti jala

I saw these when I went to their house that afternoon and I even said, "Rajin nya Helwa buat roti jala untuk usrah."


A’in tipu!!



They even grilled the chicken on the stove *sobs*




And Syaza said, "Now you can call your mum and tell her we celebrated your birthday k."



No wonder Aida went to City Supermarket 3 times.

No wonder one of my Ipanema flip flops went missing (A’in nak sukat size kaki so she culik my slipper)

No wonder my housemates were missing the whole day (they went cooking at someone else’s house)

No wonder Syaza wasn’t sympathetic with me when I complained to her


I am so blur =_=



And I love each and one of your guys’ gifts!!



I love the flowers (even though I don’t really like flowers). Effaaaa, I love the jewellery box. And…fine, I bought those books for myself.




I solemnly swear A’in that I won’t wear the flip flops as slipper rumah or slipper tandas.




I super-super love the dress. I was eyeing it months ago but it was Rs 4000 ++ so I decided not to buy it. Mimi, Kak Sha, Syaza, Deeba and whoever else, thank you!!




Personally from Mimi and Deeba. "Nisa suka makan roti kan?" Haha. These are so thoughtful 🙂 I didn’t even know a bakery exists in Bangalore.




And erm…like I said. I’m straightforward. So I’ve been demanding (yes, demand. Hint-hint tak main ok) a lot of things from my housemates even weeks before my birthday. Like…


Aku tak nak Fererro Rocher cake dari Ice Spice tau. Muak.

Aku tak nak bunga tau. Tak suka.

Aku tak nak teddy bear ok. Patung lain boleh.


I kept reminding them until they said, "Ko bajet kitaorang nak buat surprise untuk ko lah?"


They got me a cheese cake from Barista, they didn’t bother buying me flowers and Aida got me a frog plush toy. Ahaks. I memang muka tak malu. What to do 😛


So to my housemates and ex-housemates; Naned, Helwa, A’in, Aida, Balqish, Kina, I LOVE YOU GUYS. Thanks for listening to my demands 🙂


Like this, next year I can demand much more. Bwahahaha.



P.S: One of the points of not having Friendster/Facebook accounts is to see who remembers. So.. for those who are close to me but forgot to wish me, don’t bother. Belated wishes aren’t accepted 😉