I’ve finally gotten my hands on some of the face masks. Ganesh jugak yang ada jual mask. Humph.


They only had 13 masks. So I grabbed 7, Tasha grabbed 6. For my housemates and friends.






Sorry Mum, I couldn’t find any N95 or 3M here. It’s difficult enough to find the normal ones. Mask pun dah canggih now. Macam macam.




 Eyebags that now seem permanent =_=



And I actually wore it in public ok mum. Got photo proof ok.  Dah. All requirements were met. You can stop worrying now 🙂



Another of my purchase today is this:





Those are Ginko laloba. Jinko loba. Whatever its name is. It increases the blood circulation thus supplying more blood to the brain. And more supply of oxygenated blood to the brain makes you alert.


It’s made from herbs so it wouldn’t give any side effect. The dosage is only one pill per day. If you took more than that, you’re prone to get hypertension.


I know they’re tablets. But I’m desperate. I’d happily take 5 tablets at one go if they could make sure I wouldn’t fall asleep.


Red Bull didn’t work. Nor did Nescafe. Or Pepsi. Or strong chilled Brrista coffee from Barista.


2 last papers on Monday. One last subject.


Biochemistry, I do not wish to see you next year. Nor ever.