India’s. Not Indians. Please get that right.


If they don’t bother to follow the traffic rules, then there’s no need make any. Tak payah nak sibuk-sibuk letak police with cowboy hats kiri kanan jalan and act all civilised.




Before this I accepted the whole road-drivers phenomena as a part of their ways here. Ok, fine lah. But yesterday’s scene pissed me out completely.




A double-yellow line is a painted marking between opposing sides of a highway. It usually indicates a no-passing restriction. That means any vehicle from the opposing side is not permitted to cross over to the other side. No, not even when there’s no car.


In case the double-yellow line has sections where one of the lines becomes dashed, it indicates that the drivers traveling on the dashed side may pass when traffic permits.


Yes, I’ve suddenly became an expert in traffic laws  =_=


That’s the case in most countries worldwide.


Here in Bangalore though, the double-yellow line functions as two parallel streaks of yellow paint slabbed in the middle of the roads. An opposing-side highway doubles as a one-way highway. Sukati mak bapak diorang nak cross over to the other side.


Yesterday when I was crossing the road, I stood on the double-yellow line waiting for the traffic to clear before I could cross to the other side. Both sides of traffic were heavy.


I saw a truck coming down the road. Not the cute three-wheel truck, the large angkat pasir punya truck. The truck was way beyond the double-yellow line, it took practically half of the opposing lane.


I did a double take to see whether I could retreat back to the other side. Cars were coming from the other way. Not possible. And it’s not possible to cross to the other side either.


I saw no way out. And I froze in the middle of the road.


The truck could very well go back into its lane since there were no cars beside it at that time. But the driver thought it would be amusing to pass as close to me as possible. The gap between the truck and me was only a hand’s breadth away.


I was scared all right. I was so scared that I closed my eyes amidst the traffic.


And when I opened them, I saw the Indian workers sitting at the back of the truck glanced back at me and laughed. Yes, they were laughing. I guess it’s pretty funny to scare the shits outta someone who really thought she’s gonna die there and then huh?


Haha. Very funny. Not. I swear, if I had a gun at that time, I would have shot each and one of them. Ok, I probably won’t but you get the gist.


They probably didn’t know that when a vehicle passes, there’s a force that pulls you toward it. The bigger the vehicle, the bigger the force. The smaller you are, the easier you get sucked by that force. That’s one of the reasons kids are major victims of road accidents.


I really don’t blame them for not knowing physics. Really.


But I do pity them for being uncivilised. I pity them for having such boring lives that even something like that could be amusing. And I pity them for being outrightly stupid.







I was never a fan of global issues. Not about politics. Nor about epidemics. I seriously couldn’t be bothered. But now I couldn’t continue acting as if H1N1 doesn’t exist.


Yeah, I’m that ignorant.


My parents have repeatedly asked me to take precautions since the death toll in Malaysia has been pretty high. I repeatedly assured them that Bangalore had no such cases. I even looked up on the net of why I didn’t need to wear a mask.


But of course, with a population of 1.15 billion people, it’s impossible for India not to get caught in the disease.


So it’s not shocking when the news reported of Bangalore’s first H1N1 death yesterday.




Because of that, my friends were obsessively looking for face masks today. We went to a couple of pharmacies, including M.S Ramaiah’s but none of them sold any.





A pharmacy told us they’re hard to find because of  limited supply of face masks in India.


In Malaysia boleh dapat tepi jalan for RM 2.50, in India it’s limited.




To be blunt, I’m shocked that the government doesn’t seem to be taking any precaution towards h1N1. Especially with the large number of people and the level of hygiene here.


If someone as ignorant as I could be worried, shouldn’t they?