This is for


Deeba, A’in and Aida who complained I listened way too loudly on my Ipod that they could hear the songs across the table in the library even with their earphones on.


Mimi who accused my phone’s ringtone (Kodou by Dir En Grey) could give people heart attack. FINE.


Nanet who asked me how I could study while listening to rock songs.


This is a break from the usual deafening bass, drums and screamo.




I guess most people already know them from One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and 90210 🙂 Ok lah, series are not really my type of shows. Malas nak ikut. An exception for Gossip Girl though.


They’re an indie/alternative rock band based in LA. My favourites are well, should I say all? Hehe.




On far left, Chad Wolf. The lead singer.







Another well-known alternative rock band from Dublin, Ireland. Ireland. Teringat Westlife. Can you believe I used to be a die-hard-fan of Westlife way back in primary 6???  …… ….. ….. =_=’


I don’t like We Cry, If You See Kay (haha), Rusty Halo much but I love the rest of their songs.


The Script


Both of these bands released their first singles in 2008. Last year. Baru lagi.


Somehow they have this calming effect on me. The feeling I get when I walk along the street on my way to drum class eating ice-cream from Baskin Robbins.


Well, I gotta love their music 🙂


And I gotta show my love towards Physiology now because the final paper is tomorrow. Gaga.



P.S: Sometimes I wonder why some people even bother to open their mouths. They say it’s Freedom Of Speech. Whatever. Freedomofspeech all you want. You’re still an ass to me.