Shit. So sleepy. *yawn*


This is what happens if I didn’t go to the library. I woke up late. I switched on the TV and watched a show. I blog-hopped. I had a huge-ass lunch. Banyak lah.


That is why I HAVE TO GO TO THE LIBRARY. I need some forcing to study.


It’s only 4 days to exams. Four. Four. Four four four four. The number wouldn’t evolve no matter what haiya. It used to be 14. *sighs*


I would love to be able to say as usual,  “Ala, takpe. Redah je. Pastu frust sorang-sorang.” but it’s not possible this time! There’s no redah-redah anymore. You failed, you repeat. You repeat, there goes a year of your life.


I can do a lot of things in that one year aside from anatomy, physio and biochem you know.


I DON’T WANT TO SIT FOR EXAMS. I DON’T WANT!!! I just did 2 weeks ago!


I know I’m not making any sense. Yeah well. Who does these days?





Gambar tipu.