The other day when I was on YM, Edwin asked me,


“How are you? How’s your cat??”


WTF I DIDN’T OWN ANY CAT. I was never a cat owner. Because my mum hates cats. I’ve been begging her for one for years but she was adamant. FINE. To make amends, she bought me rabbits instead. Brown ones, white ones, gray ones. I’ve lost count of how many I’ve had over the past years.


Rabbits are also cute okay. They’re like huge fur balls. But I never stopped persuading her to let me have a cat. And this is what she said:


“You can get one when you’ve your own place.”


Now that I’m practically living in another country, it is considered as having my own place…right? The other day when I told her I wanted to buy one here, she asked me to think 20 times. Yes, she really said 20 times.



Oh muka sungguh gembira dapat kucing





Today, my housemates decided to get one! My housemates ok mum, not me. That kitten costs Rs 15 000 which is RM…aiya, bahagi 13.5 yourself.


Elaun perkakas USD 200 to buy books for the second year was used to buy a kitten. Right.


But now we’ve a kitten!! And it’s so cute muka tak penyek!!


Anyway, last night I managed to do this one chore that I’ve been dragging for months:




Washed my sneakers. WOHOOO! Now they’re so white I couldn’t stop looking at them! Yesh I’ve a fetish not only for heels, but also sneakers. Sneakers are not only comfortable but they’re also practical as they protect my feet better. Very ideal for jumping and climbing. But that la, I HAVE TO WASH THEM. Which I don’t really do often. Lazy ok.


Sneaker Levi’s sungguh ideal. Tak payah basuh. Reebok and MCKY sneakers are tolerable. Sneaker Nike putih sungguh menyakitkan hati =_=


Like I said, I’m a universal shoe lover.




TADAAAAAA!! My new pair of army kindda boots. I’ve been searching for one ever since National Service ended. Should have just sneaked the boots out then šŸ˜›




It’s Lee Cooper and it’s damn comfy. Doesn’t matter if it rains, or if the road’s muddy, I could just trudge up in my boots! Yay. Also, I think these would be really helpful if I had to kick someone someday.


But I don’t really like the shoe lace though. I’ll have to find new ones after exams. I still want a pair of Doc Martens though šŸ˜‰  A pair costs at least $200. Waaaaaa, I’ve to save up a lot. Am not good at saving.


Oh yeah, did I say I liked all kind of shoes? Sorry, that’s not entirely true.




Never ever ever in a million years would I buy a pair of CROCS. I don’t care how anti-bacterial, comfy or light they are. They’re UGLY. Ugly ugly ugly ugly *gagged*


Still gagging away at the sight of crocs.