There’s only one thing I’d like to share about my practical exams last week. Physiology practical exam.


Unfortunately, I got Dr. Sandal (I’m not even sure this is the right spelling) for clinical examination that day. Hah, kutuk lecturer kutuk. Exam dah dekat *cough*


“I’ve never seen you before.”

“Because there are 161 students sir.”

He asked this question to every student =_=


“What do I teach?”

“Physiology.” DUH.

“Do you know my name?”


“Dr. Sandal.. er- I just call you Dr. Sandal.”

Thanks to my housemates who kutuk-kutuk him the day before. Otherwise I wouldn’t even know his name.


“Ok. What are you supposed to do?”

“Percussion and auscultation of the respiratory system sir.”

“Go ahead.”


Tap tap tap. Did percussion. Answered 2 questions. Done.


“What’s next?”


While I was trying to wear the stethoscope under my head scarf,


“Why do you have to wear that thing?” Pointing to my head scarf.


“Because my religion asks me to. And according to a scientific survey, the parts of women that stimulates men the most are the neck and the hair.”

Someone told me this once. And I knew since he’s a doctor, he wouldn’t be able to find any loophole if I threw in a couple of scientific facts.


He nodded. I auscultated my subject.


“But I never felt stimulated when women exposed their hair and necks. You know, I see them everyday..Indian women. I’m used to it already.”

“Maybe because you’re married.” My subject backed me up. Arigatou.

“No no, even before I was married I didn’t feel anything.”


How should I know?


You’re the men, I’m the women. You should know better. I just believe that for people to respect you, you have to respect yourself. Covering myself up is the way I respect myself. It doesn’t do any harm to anyone so far. Not doing so on the other hand, might. “


Get on with the assessment la!


“I didn’t mean to offend you. I was just curious because you wore your head scarf more neatly than the others (?). Sorry if I hurt you.”


Good good. Give me high marks.

“No sir, it’s okay. I know you’re just curious. I’m used to it.” hypocrite hypocrite hypocrite hypocrite hypocrite hypocrite hypocrite.


Took my stethoscope and blah cepat-cepat before he could ask me anything else. While I was doing the report, I realised I’d forgotten to test my subject’s colour vision using the Ischihara’s chart. And he didn’t ask as well…..nevermind. Can just write the report.


I probably sounded irked. I WAS. Had he asked those questions any other time, I wouldn’t have any problem sharing my opinions. But it seemed that he was more interested in the conversation rather than assessing my skills and knowledge. That’s not cool because I stayed up until 3.30 am to study the night before. If I knew this was coming, I would have gone to bed early instead!


Yeah I’m darn lazy so what.


Those type of questions always make me feel uncomfortable and self-concious. Simply because I don’t think I could explain it well enough. I’m afraid I might depict the wrong ideas. And that’s not good. People shouldn’t judge Islam based on what I say.


But I guess the questions he asked me were better than this one question the person after me kena :


“What does Malaysia mean?”


You open every physiology book in the world also wouldn’t be able to find the answer to that question