Things to do after exams:


1. Shop

2. Staying up late watching movies (no studying yay!!)

3. Sleepover and gossip sessions

4. Study for practical exams you lazy ass jangan perasan exams are completely over


Number 4 is harsh šŸ˜¦


I seriously don’t know what to say about exams. You know, when people ask you how your paper was (people as in parents to be specific) I usually answer,

“Like that la.” And they’re never never satisfied with that.


What’s there to say??


Even if I felt I could totally nail it…then how come only got pass la?? That’s one of the mysteries of the world you know *sighs*


To make it short, the exams this time were anguishing. More pressure, more mental and physical sores. Why? One whole year of syllabus tested in 6 papers of 3 subjects, sat in 5 days straight without any gap in between. Oh, did I mention there was no study week? And thus, we turned into zombies.


The closer it was to the last paper, the higher my stress level. If anyone could still crack a smile in between, I would be way impressed.


But those are over. OVER. Now I can sleep like mad. Funny how I look forward to sleeping now because I used to think it was a waste of time. You know how much you could do in that 6-7 hours? Humans ought to come with chargers. Then we could still function normally while being charged. Yes, like hand phones!


That was last time; back when I had so many things to do besides studying. Now I LOVE sleeping! When I felt so lazy to study, I forced myself to sleep. See how useful it is?? šŸ˜›


Now I’m lazing around because unlike the other batches, my practical exams start on Wednesday afternoon! – that’s the only advantage of being the 161st student. In anything, you’re always the LAST (I hate it when attendance is taken. I have to wait for ages before I could leave). That and the lecturers rarely ask me any question. 160 selalu kena šŸ˜€


Dah. I have nothing else to write. Might as well sleep. I just know I’m gonna suffer for Anatomy’s practical but…… what’s later is later. Now is now.This positive outlook on things always get me into trouble, haih.


Oh yeah, one thing I learned from this whole exam thing?


DO NOT DRINK BOTH PEPSI AND COFFEE AT THE SAME TIME. It’s very bad for stomach, as I’d recently discovered. I blame biochemistry paper =_=