I would advice you guys to go to the kitchen and stock on snacks and a big bottle of Pepsi before reading this post because it’s going to be a long one 🙂



The Dress

Last Sunday started with me waking up at 9.30 am and going to Sparkles to fetch my dress for the dinner that night. When I walked through the door, the tailor was just finishing it up. She promised me the dress on the 2nd of July and yet 3 days later, there she was, still sewing away.


*snort* That’s so expected of her.


When it was done, I tried it on. Honestly, it wasn’t that bad. I really liked the colour tones and the flare of the dress. It was close to pretty, except for one thing. Ok, 2 things. She turned the whole design into an empire-waist dress and made flared sleeves when I clearly told her I wanted bell-bottom sleeves. Gila tak ikut arahan. I could forgive her for the sleeves but NOT the empire cut.


You know what’s the deadly flaw of an empire-waist dress?


If there are too many pleats, too much flare, you could end up looking pregnant. And that’s exactly what happened. I looked as if I was carrying twins.


So I asked her, “Is it possible to maybe open up the stitches and reduced the pleats?” She gave a million excuses of why she couldn’t do that; none of which I believed. The only reason it wasn’t possible was probably because she had another 10 dresses to be done before 6 pm. I took that into consideration and so I relented.


The only way out I could think of was (my my, wasn’t she helpful) to tie a big sash around the waist. I asked for gold satin. Unavailable. I asked for white. Unavailable. I asked for brown. Still unavailable.


Bodo. Tutup kedai la.


At last she gave me one like Syaza’s (see the pictures below). Even then there was a problem; she only had enough material to do one sash. After a few phone calls, she managed to find extra pieces of the same colour. Since it would take some time for her to make the sash, I wanted to change but guess what?




When that happened, she frowned and asked, “How did you get into the dress in the first place then?” Like somehow it was my fault I couldn’t get out. That’s so fucking ridiculous. I’ve never seen a dress without a zipper before in my whole life. She tried a few more times while I suffocated because it was a floor-length dress with two layers of  lining and I happened to be claustrophobic. It wasn’t my fault I freaked out every time the fabric covered my face. At last she had to cut the back of the dress and sew a zipper on. Hah!


Most of her customers, which were mostly my fellow MBBS Malaysian friends and seniors, had yelled at her at least once that day. None of them walked out with a happy smile on their faces. I know because I was there from 10 am to 5.30 pm and had witnessed it all. Well, not all. I wasn’t there when Syaza said “Fuck you.” to her face because she had the nerve to put all the blames on having to re-do Syaza’s sash.


The best dramas always happened when I was not around. Haih.


I was waiting for Balqish outside the fitting room when suddenly the guy (her husband) said,

“You’ve been very patient with us and very polite, even my tailors like you. You’re a good girl, co-operating with us.” 

Then he offered to order juice for us which we politely declined.


HAH, DID YOU READ THAT MUM AND DAD? That’s the kind of daughter you guys have painfully raised 🙂 Lol.


Even if ran amok in their shop, what good would that do to me? Admittedly, their works sucked big time. They’re way greedy for accepting all the orders when they weren’t even sure they could finish them on time. Not to mention the woman was not even the slightest professional (she yelled at one of my friends saying there’s no such thing as ethics in business, boleh tak?). With all the pressure, I was shocked she didn’t have spasm there and then. My point is, at the end of the day, I was still the one who needed a dress presentable enough for the dinner. Being polite did not hurt.


Were it a different case, I would have probably burned the shop. Yes, I’m a hypocrite through and through! Cheers 😉


I arrived home at 6 pm. The dinner was supposed to start at 7.30 pm.


At 6.30 pm, as expected, the whole building went blackout and we had to get ready in the dark. Awesome. 7.30 pm came but the taxis we booked for the night did not. Out of desperation, my housemates and I had to go by auto. By then it was already 8 pm. Excellent.



Erks, ambik gambar dalam auto to check on the make-up done in the dark. Ok, pipi tembam. Tak nak diet.


The Dinner

We arrived at Le Meredien Hotel just in time.



Sorry, I kindda forgot it was for charity




Balqish senyum fake 😛




Syaza’s, mine and……? Siapa dapat jawab bagi gula-gula sebijik.







And..that’s all I managed to nibble. The food sucked.







My table








I envied Zi who got to wear t-shirt and jeans! She’s one of the photographers of the night.




With Kozac. I forgot to mention my dress had a 10-inch long trail. That’s the reason why my most said sentence that night is, “PLEASE DON’T STEP ON MY TRAIL.”




There there, nampak tak my trail?




With Datin Number 1




This girl is my booster for cam-whoring




King and Queen of IMS ’09. I voted for Ammal!!




Syaza, the wife of Prime Minister negara entah mana 🙂




My physio lecturers, Dr. Magna and Dr. Veena




With T-Rex. I adore her 🙂








Our Anatomy lecturer, Dr. Kulkani. Nominated as the Most Popular Lecturer.




“Sir, you look so handsome tonight!”

“Why, thank you!”

“So do you have any tips for Biochem exam?”

“No no. you have to study all.”

=_= Bodekan tak menjadi.




Datin Number 2 and 1




The associate dean, Dr. Sudha. Jangan main-main, she uses LV handbag to campus and trust me, it ain’t fake. Any idea what’s her clutch’s brand might be?




 Kan I dah cakap she likes to ajak me camwhore




Duduk mencangkung tepi jalan while waiting for the cab. I squat fabulously in heels, fail in pumps a.k.a I dunno how to squat




With Deeba at the airport. Fetching Mimi who’s arriving from Malaysia straight after the dinner.


Needless to say, the sash saved my night. Sayang sash.



The Birthday




6.7.89 was the day Naned was born. I remember because she kept saying, “Wey, tarikh birthday aku cantik~ 6789!”


Naned is my adorable ex-roommate yang sampai sekarang suka singgah at our house to eat and tengok tv 🙂 She makes heavenly desserts weh.


After coming back from fetching Mimi (almost 2 am?), a bunch of us headed to Raghuram Apartment to surprise her.




When you see the word GEMOK, you instantly know it’s my fault hehe




60 roses for Naned meant….we only had 300 rupess in our pockets at that time 😛




On a short note, I’m taking a 3-month break from drum class due to exams and holiday 😦





Will continue upon passing into 2nd year, insyaAllah. Jom solat hajat beramai-ramai for my 3rd IA next week 😛