Somehow, this week is full of ponteng-kelas-proxy-signature-bukak-buku-belajar.


Somehow lah. Then how come there’s still a lot more to revise???


Deeba and I did manicure and pedicure today since class ended at 10.30 am (a first in almost a year!! ponteng kelas petang is not counted!) and we’re left with nothing to do for the rest of the day. Except for studying…but then, ever since we came here, when has life been about anything else?


Like most of the girls out there (and maybe guys eww), I love pampering myself. But even if you pay me to do manicure, pedicure, facials, body massage etc I would think it over a thousand times. The idea of doing nothing (flipping magazines and listening to Ipod ARE nothing) for 2 hours or more is simply not flattering. I could hyperventilate out of boredom. 


For guys who pamper themselves, ehem, my advice would be, if you’re not a celebrity, don’t try so hard. If you’re budak medic IMS sama batch with me, don’t try at all.

Seriously, if you’re complementing on his complexion and it turns out he’s wearing compact powder…..*speechless*

It’s a MAJOR TURN-OFF. Guys should just go with natural.


Jom advertise kejap:





Before someone screamed in my ears, “WOIH EXAM LAGI SEMINGGU.”, THIS SERIES IS ABOUT NEUROSCIENCE OKAY. So technically, I’m revising neurophysiology at the same time!


“Humans can lie using words but the brain can’t lie.”


Fuh. Cool gila. Buat I semangat nak study physio >_<


It reminds me a bit of CSI only that this series is purely about the brain. Makes me feel ashamed I concentrated more on wrinkling my nose at the smell of formalin rather than appreciating the brain during dissection.


And, it has cute brief tutorials:

“In the human brains, things in the left field of vision is processed by the right brain and things in the right field of vision is processed by the left brain. The right brain is better at making decisions like ‘Is this a male or female?’ so if the left half is female, it will decide it’s a woman. If the left half is male, then it will decide it’s a man. So if you want a certain someone to notice your femininity or masculinity, you should try stay in their left field of vision.”


Told you it’s neurophysiology!