The only band I minat gila tahap stalking simpan folder gambar jadikan desktop is,







Whoever watches Bleach/ D Gray-Man/Blood +/Mobile Suit Gundam 00 should know this Japanese band ^_^

Their songs are a mixture of hard rock, electronic and post-punk.

Ok la, there’re some ballad songs as well like Hitori Ja Nai Kara and Rainy. Skip SKIP.

But the other songs are seriously AWESOME I TELL YOU.

You can start by listening to Colors Of The Heart. Or D-Technolife. Or Revolve. Those are among my favourites ^_^

No kutuk-ings are allowed.









Bear-bat Uverchan



Get me an exact key chain look-alike and I’ll clean your house for these 5 years of MBBS




2009 album, Awakeve


It was released in February. FEBRUARY ok. Now’s already the end of June.


Whoever balik Malaysia, yo! my birthday is coming! (is actually in August =_=)